Hey ladies, as we receive a vast amount of clients emailing daily about similar things thought it would be useful to have a few of our most frequently asked questions available for you to read.

This is also great for the ladies that have never had crochet before and maybe need some assistance.

If this doesn’t answer all your questions please feel free to still email us at Info@crochetbyolu.com

  • How many packets of hair will I need ?

For curly / kinky/ expressions hair it varies please send a photograph via email for assistance.

For medium to large twists, locs or single plaits a minimum of 6 packets

  • For small twists, locs or single plaits 7-8 packets (unless it’s a 2x jumbo pack which would be stated on the packaging)
  • Where do I come to, to do my hair?

We are a mobile hairdressing company, we come to you and the address you’ve provided when booking your appointment.


  • I’ve made a booking but I have to cancel, can I get my deposit back?

Unfortunately not,  the deposits are used as a Secuirty for you to attend your appointment and are non refundable.

  • I can’t find the hair to purchase what do I do ?

Let us know you’re having difficulty finding the hair and we’ll purchase it for you providing that you’ve sent the money for the hair before hand.

Notify us of any difficulty using our email –  Info@crochetbyolu.com

  • Do you wash my hair for me ?

Unfortunately not, unless you’ve booked for that option where a fee is added

  • How do I take out crochet braids?

We’ll demonstrate to you on the day and make sure you fully understand how to take it out before the end of your appointment or you can book a service for me to also take it out at a fee

  • Is there anything I need to do before the appointment ?

If you could please make sure your hair is washed and blow dried/ combed out before we arrive to reduce time for you.

*It is mandatory that your hair is clean before we do your hair.*

  • Where do I send any inquiries ?

To info@crochetbyolu.com

  • How do I make my booking?

Using the bookings page on the website

  • How do I cancel bookings?

Booking cancellations can only be done 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.

You have to notify us via email and we’ll cancel the appointment on our booking system.

  • How do I maintain my crochet style?

We advise using a Silk scarf or silk bonnet to bed to cover your hair as you would do on your natural hair and other protective styles you may have previously had.

If there are any products you can use,  we would advise each client individually.

  • I’ve just taken out braids can I do crochet straight away?

We advise allowing 3-4 weeks rest between protective styles to prevent and avoid breakage and excessive pulling on edges and hair.

  • I don’t have a lot of edges, do you think i’ll be able to still do crochet?

We make sure that your hairline is protected, we would advise at your appointment which parting would be suitable to hide an balding or lack of edges so that you’ll be comfortable.