Lets talk about skin

In this post I will discuss how I found what works for my skin, a video of my Indian healing clay routine and my current skin regimen.

Sooooo I’m use to having really good skin, the odd breakout (As in one spot lol) here or there but nothing too serious.

But in 2018 my skin flared up uncontrobaly. I tried mixing my old skincare regimes with new skincare reigimes changing my diet etc nothing seemed to be really working. I was really stressed with work (18 hour days) and my diet was poor (eating junk food and a crazy amount of fizzy drinks) but I’ll try and balance it out with gym lol but my consumption of alcohol was also through the roof, going out every evening didn’t help and I was eating large amounts of dairy even though I’m lactose in tolerant….

The research…

So I read up on facial acne and what could cause my skin to suddenly break out especially as it wasn’t all over. The majority of it was on my forehead, chin and one or 2 spots on my cheeks.

I used this facial mapper to help me identify what the causes could be. As well as visiting my doctors just to make sure it wasn’t allergies or warning signs of a preexisting issue.

So after cutting down on dairy, alcohol, drinking more water etc, I found myself still breaking out but it had reduced so I decided to adapt my skin regimen which was currently just black soap and moisturising with the tiniest amount of Shea butter.

I have combination skin so I usually find it hard to balance out the oils in my skin but black soap and Shea butter worked and had been working for 4 years hence why I was shocked that my skin was changing up on me.

Updating my skin regimen…

I found my skin being really oily with and without using primer and wondered if it was the the extra oils causing the blockage in my pores turning into spots/ pimples/acne. I washed my brushes regularly, changed my pillow sleeves more often like every 3-4 days and started disinfecting my phone as I read bacteria on your phone could cause spots on your cheeks.

So I went on a YouTube spree and wanted to find a natural way of drawing out the oils and found Indian healing clay.

So I looked into Indian healing clay on YouTube and found a lot of people saying it helped pull out impurities from their skin, and that they used it for a course of 7 days and about twice a week thereafter. So I tried it for 7 days and instantly saw a difference in my skin😍 whilst combining it with my morning routine of black soap and Shea butter in the morning and replacing Shea butter at night with rose water as a toner and gradually my skin cleared up.

The pictures…(the scary part lol)

So I decided to share my before, my Inbetween and my after pictures below.

My Before- October 2018

Progress -March 2019

and now 2020

In our online shop we have all the products used for my skincare routine. (The black soap and raw unrefined Shea butter)

100% of our skincare is homemade, please feel free to inquire about ingredients if you are known to be allergic to anything.

Lastly here is my Indian healing clay routine

Indian healing clay can be found in black hair shops or on amazon (cheaper in the hair shops)

My current skin regimen

Day time regimen…

I wash my face in the morning with my black soap, cream with the tiniest amount (half a pea size ) of Shea butter and about a 10p size dollop of SPF (I use factor 50)

I wash my face with an exfoliating glove some might find that too harsh so I do recommend a wash cloth or the rotating facial brushes. (Please make sure to change the cloth, glove or brush at least every 2 weeks as they trap dirt.

Night time regimen…

I clean my face with wet wipes and coconut oil (coconut oil is a great natural makeup remover)

I then wash my face with black soap and moisturise with a rose water toner – I personally find creams too heavy for my skin at night. The rose water toner is light but still moisturising.

When to use the healing clay…

I use the healing clay twice a week before my daytime routine and during my time of the month I use it everyday in the morning (for 7 days) as I’m also prone to breakouts during that time.

Benefits of Black soap and Shea butter..

Black soap

So I use to use Dudu osun (Shop brand black soap) which was very drying and stripped all moisture from my skin (and it also smelled bad lol) so when I Went to Ghana I was sceptical of using black soap on my skin again but the recipe I was taught contains so many natural oils that it actually moisturises whilst cleansing. I use the black soap to wash my natural hair as well as cleansing my face.

Shea butter

Shea butter is very rich in texture most people don’t like the richness (very thick) hence why I Offer to whip the Shea butter to create a more smoother texture making it easier to be absorb into the skin.

Shea butter helped to fade my acne scars and has increased elasticity in areas where I have stretch marks.

I would definitely recommend for people who have prominent existing stretch marks or anyone planning to have a child, improving elasticity in your skin before pregnancy is a great way to prevent stretch marks from forming.

We also provide the option of adding essential oils to your Shea butter which is great for both hair and skin.

If you have any questions feel free to send in a query via our contacts page and hopefully this helps you too!